Vegetable Imports in Dubai

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Do you like vegetables? Dubai, despite the fact that is a desert, has no deficiency of crisp and fresh vegetables because of the city’s import efforts. In any case, the most shocking thing is that Dubai is additionally an exporter of produce and products to different nations in the area. Nearby countries can also get an assortment of vegetables like broccoli, crisp verdant greens, eggplants, carrots, peppers, and pretty much any sort of vegetable you can envision you require on your table. There are top Dubai onion importers, merchants of natural products like bananas and pineapples, top lettuce and cucumber shippers, and so forth and these organizations are likewise winning a great deal for the economy of Dubai through huge sales of imported vegetables.

veggies-import_medHere are some of the top selling veggies:

Broccoli – there are numerous eateries in Dubai that need new, green broccoli for their dishes and these are likewise extremely mainstream among families who like to eat a considerable measure of veggies as their side dish. At the point when purchasing broccoli from the grocery store, recall to pick the ones that at present have their dull green shade and the florets are still in affability. It’s ideal to store your broccoli on the counter on the off chance that you are going to cook it quickly or inside your vegetable chiller in the cooler in the event that you plan to utilize it later on in the week.

Corn – corn is additionally an exceptionally staple vegetable item for a ton of neighborhood inhabitants in Dubai. You can without much of a stretch discover this item in basic supplies or market sellers and you ca incorporate it in servings of mixed greens or meal it with your most loved grill formula. There are likewise pastry specialists who utilize crisply ground corn supper for making their bread items or other Mediterranean-enlivened dishes. Corn is likewise a decent nibble. You can essentially wash it and bubble in water until delicate. Include some salt and spread and viola! You have yourself an exceptionally wonderful and nutritious veggie nibble!

Onion– Onions are not just an all-around veggie for cooking different types of dishes. They are also very useful as cleaning agents. For example you can use a sliced onion to deodorize a drawer or cabinet or you can even place it in the fridge to take away those nasty smells that have accumulated over time.

Cucumber – cucumber can’t be out of the rundown of top vegetables imported into Dubai. That is on account of it is not just helpful for your most loved plates of mixed greens and grills, yet it likewise utilized by some as a restorative fixing. For instance, cucumber concentrate can be joined in some facial astringents to control sleekness and give an invigorating feeling for the face. Cucumber is additionally being utilized as a part of body salves to give a lighter, non-oily feel to the item and a few ladies purchase cucumber as an every day piece of their skin purging and cleaning schedule. Spas in Dubai may likewise utilize cuts of cucumber while doing facials for their clients.

How to Make Your Kids Play Area Safe

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Concerned about kids play area in Dubai? Here’s our article about how to keep your kids play area safe.

Play areas, whether outdoor or indoor, offer kids the space they need to play and interact with other children or classmates. In turn, while playing, they also develop important life skills such as communication skills, motor skills, and social skills. However, as kids are playing happily in their play areas, parents and teachers should be at constant watch and always making sure that the kids play area is safe from any hazards. These include sharp objects, choke hazards or toys that can kids can chew and block their air passage, and other hard objects where kids can hit their heads or cause them bruises.

img_1718Adult Supervision

The first important thing parents and teachers should do when kids are playing at the playground or indoor play area is to make sure that there are no big obstructions that can block their view of the children. Adults who are supervising the play should always have a clear view of the entire play area including corners and smaller spaces within the room.

To ensure that there are eyes watching at every area of the play room or playground, it would be a good ideas to install CCTV cameras especially in those areas that may not be readily in view of the parents or teachers. Place the cameras on top view or at a higher angle so that monitors can clearly see what’s happening while kids are playing. Having CCTV cameras will also be very helpful in detecting suspicious adults lingering in the play area or playground and also serve as the security eye of the school for safety threats.

Play Area Surface

The type of surface that the kids play area has also needs to be considered before having kids play in the room or playground. Here are some of the important points to remember about surfaces for play areas:

  • Solid, black-top, and blacktop are hazardous and unsatisfactory. Grass, soil, and stuffed earth surfaces are likewise risky in light of the fact that climate and wear can diminish their abilities to pad a kid’s fall.
  • Consider putting rubber mats along concrete floors where children walk. It’s also a good solution for people who are in wheelchairs. You should check the location or details about the rubber mat you are going to buy to make sure that it has to harmful chemicals and made from a reliable and known manufacturer.
  • The play area surface ought to be free of standing water and flotsam and jetsam that could make kids outing and fall, for example, rocks, tree stumps, and tree roots.

Just remember that even if you take these precautions when considering the surface of the play area, it cannot guarantee 100 percent safety for children. There still might be accidents that can happen while kids are playing so that’s why it’s important that adults are always present when kids are playing and know the emergency procedures to take if there are accidents.

Classification of Adhesive Tapes

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At one time, glue and paste were utilized synonymously. In today’s industry, creators and architects are utilizing terms like two-section low-smell acrylic, high bond tape, PUR frameworks, cyanoacrylate, and that’s just the beginning. Paste is presently thought to be something sticky, which is no more a normal for some glues.

When we talk about adhesive tapes, buyers would usually go for the brands they like. Some popular brands are 3M, HPX tapes, and other brands that are known for their quality and capability to withstand different applications. However, there is a better way to classify adhesive tape products.

Safety-and-Marking-TapesAdhesive Tapes Based on Form

Popular adhesive tapes are usually available in different forms such as liquids, films, tapes, pastes, and shaped solids. Each type of adhesive tape has certain special characteristics to be considered for proper application or to be effective in the specific use it was meant to be used for.

Based on the form of adhesive tapes, here are some common characteristics you will observe:

  • Uniform thickness all through the joint.
  • Confinement of the glue to the prompt holding range.
  • Clean holding without dribbling or scattering
  • Minimum glue waste.
  • Die-slice into complex shapes to encourage holding of complex parts or parts with thin holding surfaces.

These are just the typical observations you can see when you buy adhesive tapes. Of course depending on the manufacturer, you can find variations on the form and texture of the tapes of adhesive product. In order to better find the right adhesive product for you, it is best to ask the sales people or store attendant and inform them of the type of application you are going to use the tape for.


Adhesive Products Based on Strength

Another classification is by strength of the adhesive product. Usually these products are not only tapes but already require mixing substances for superior bonding capabilities.

Epoxy Adhesives – these are the types of adhesives that provide the highest strength possible for this line of product. They usually come in one and two-part liquids and pastes.

Double-sided tapes – this is an example of an adhesive tape that is meant for applications that require more treshold especially when it comes to weight. You can see this product in applications like construction, framing, remodeling or anywhere that requires bonding surfaces that require critical bond.

Acrylic adhesives – these are the less expensive adhesive under the strength classification. They are made with part liquids and pastes to bond many types of surfaces. These include plastic products, oily metals, or any other surfaces that are a bit slippery.

If you are going to use different types of adhesives, just remember that you must first read the instructions on the packet before doing any sort of application. These strong-bond adhesives, including both tapes and mix-type products, may really cause irritation to the skin or worse stick your skin to other surfaces and you might end up forcing to get away from the hold, which then might end up to you having irritated skin, wounds, or cuts. Remember to be safe and know the product you are using.

Top Vegetable Imports in Dubai

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Dubai is a business center in the Middle East. Many foreign investors have established a company in the city either as permanent or long-term offices or as virtual offices in different free trade zones in the city. Dubai is a very convenient place to have business and trade goods because it connects two important continents namely Europe and Asia. But it also has a lot of trade going on with the United States and Britain.

fruit-vegetables-590pxWhen it comes to trading goods, Dubai’s ports welcome a vast number of ships that deliver or ship out goods of all kinds. The city itself is not just an importer of goods but also an exporter of many types of products. These include electronics, dry goods, raw materials, etc. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top imports and exports of Dubai.


Automotive Importation

Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates’ most progressive cities. There are world-class infrastructure, modern facilities, and people have the disposable income in order to buy luxury products. In this case, usually there is a high purchase of cars and luxury vehicles.

That’s why if you look at the import trade in Dubai, one of their top imports are cars. Individual families are able to buy several cars for their use while most corporations and even smaller companies may also buy several vehicles to serve as their company cars. Of course petroleum is also cheap in Dubai so that’s why people don’t mind using their vehicles to and from work, or when they have meetings or when they want to travel around the city.

Vehicle importation is a bug industry in Dubai just with the many car or automotive manufacturers in the city. There is also a good trade relationship with countries that export vehicles such as United States, South Korea, and Thailand.


Vegetable and Fruit Importation

Produce, food, canned goods –these are all some of the top imports of Dubai as well. Onion importers in Dubai have significantly risen together with fruits like bananas, tomatoes, and other leafy vegetables that are of course hard to produce in their local market.

Aside from onion, fruits, and other vegetable imports, Dubai also trades these items to other nations. Therefore, these vegetable imports can come in as imports but them immediately go out as exported products to other countries in the region. There has been a report stating that last year, Dubai jas actually imported 11,000 tonnes of vegetables and fruits and about 40% of those imports also went out as exports to other buyers abroad.

Other items that Dubai is actively importing include non-basic items like jewelry, gold, clothes, home furniture and decorations. So far there doesn’t seem to be any signs of slowing import and export trade in the city since it is a top destination of foreign investors and it has a very efficient and streamlined system when it comes to dealing with the business or companies that conduct import and export trade. The laws and regulation and taxation of Dubai is also very favorable to a lot of business that’s why the trade is thriving in the area.

Searching for the Best Nursery in Dubai? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Choosing the best-suited nursery for your kid needs to start even before your kid is at the right age to enter a nursery. That’s because slots can easily get filled at Dubai nurseries and you might end up not getting the school you want. Finding the right nursery is easier said than done, though. There are many considerations you need to think about and prepare for before you can make a decision. So how do you do about your search for a the best nursery in Dubai? Here are some of our suggestions:

Camille Wesser Photography

Do Your Search Ahead of Time

Most nurseries open their registration several months ahead of the actual start of classes. So if you are looking for a nursery, you don’t have to wait during the enrollment month before you make a move. Some parents start their search six months or even a year before their child can enter a nursery. There are nurseries that accept kids at a very early age like around three years old. So even if your child is at age two, you can already start searching for a nursery just to make sure you have enough time when doing your comparisons and talking to people who actually have their kids enrolled in that prospective nursery.


Don’t Just Call. Visit Your Nursery School

When making your choice of the best nursery in Dubai, it is better to not just call the nursery or look at their brochures but to actually visit the place in order to see what’s happening at the school. It is best to have a surprise visit so that the school won’t try to cover up their daily operations just to give you a good impression. When you visit unannounced, you can see what really goes on at the nursery and you can observe how the kids are treated and how teachers and the school staff handle the entire operations and activities of the school.


Talk to the Teachers and Staff of the Nursery

There are many Dubai nurseries and just by looking at their curriculum, activities, and history, you might not be able to really differentiate them and know what makes them suited for your kid. So, in order to investigate and know more about the real values of the school, it’s best to spend a couple of times visiting the school and speaking with the people behind the business. Talk to the teachers, the staff, and if time allows, try to talk to the principal or business owner themselves to get a feel of how they treat their customers, which is basically the parents and children.


Remember there is no perfect nursery so don’t try looking for one such thing because you will just be disappointed.  There are only suitable nurseries for your kid and for your personality and values so you should weigh the pros and cons of each school and try to compare that to your own to find the perfect match for your child and you as the parent.


Tips on Managing Your Small Family Business

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It’s never easy to manage any type of business even if it is just a small family business. You need to constantly be on your toes and try to be aware of all the problems your day-to-day operations may have. Aside from the little things with your daily business, you also have to do other sales or marketing activities to promote your services or products and sometimes these things or responsibilities just become so overwhelming that you don’t seem to enjoy what you are doing anymore. Some people even go through a nervous breakdown or start to get burned out and totally just leaves the business and go back to their work as a full-time employee.

1112_SmallBiz_ArticleBut it doesn’t need to be this way. As a small business owner, you can better manage your time and still be on the top of your business operations. Here are some tips you can use in order to find balance in the way you handle your small family business.


Learn to Delegate

When it comes to managing a family business magazine or an entrepreneur magazine can give those tips. One thing that you will often see in these articles about managing small businesses is that the business owner should learn how to delegate the tasks involved in their daily work.

Delegating tasks is a skill that business owners and managers should master because it will make the entire team even more efficient in delivering their work. The manager’s role is to match the employees strengths and weaknesses and career experiences to the right tasks at their office. Finding the right match of employee and work or task will ensure better quality and on-time delivery of the work.

Also, when you learn to delegate, you also become an effective business owner because you can focus on managing your operations rather than doing the nitty-gritty details of the operation. This means you have more time to oversee the bigger picture and then trouble shoot the problem areas of the company operations or how you can improve your products or services.

Finally, when delegating tasks, you lessen the risk of becoming overworked and suffering a burn out. You can find balance in your work and personal life and have more energy to continue dealing with things every day.


Have a Schedule

Even though you are the business owner and have total control of your time, it doesn’t mean that you can go around and waste the day while your employees are working. As the leader in your small business, people need guidance and motivation from you and you have to show up at work as much as possible the same time as they do. When they see you are disciplined and dedicated to the company, the more they will also know that you are serious and they will be inspired to follow your leadership in the business. When employees see a business owner who doesn’t seem to value time and commitment, then this will demotivate them and eventually push them to leave.

Why Your Website Design Matters for Your Business

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It’s an undeniable fact that if you have a business, you have to have a website where you can reach out to your customers and sell your product or offer your services. However, not just any type of website will do. You have to have a professionally designed website that is capable of presenting your business in a positive way and also deliver the functionalities necessary to help your customers conveniently shop, choose, and pay for the things and services they want to buy.


This is why your website design matters for your business. If you just have a website that uses static HTML, then you are already setting your company up for failure. What you need is a very dynamic website using the latest Content Management Systems or CMS like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla so that your site visitors will be able to get access to the information they need in a very timely and organized manner.


Getting That Professional Website Design

Ok, don’t panic. You might not be knowledgeable in using all those Content Management Systems that were mentioned above. Does that mean it’s the end of your business? Of course not. It would be great if you know something about those CMS applications but you don’t have to be an expert in order to start your company website.

So how do you start? Well, the best way is to get professional website design people to help you build the website that you need based on the nature of your business. When you get an established website design company to handle your website, you are not just getting a bunch of people who know how to do graphics. You are also getting an entire team of content developers, programmers, and project managers who can help you build a professional website where your customers can get updates about your business and also purchase items online.

Learn more about professional website design here:

If you don’t want to go the way of getting an entire team of website designers, you can opt for smaller companies who may not have all the facilities and manpower that the big and established website design company does, but can also deliver a very decent, functional, and professional looking website for your company. Finally, there are of course small businesses who still need a website but don’t have the funds to really hire a professional company for website design, so what they do is they try to find freelancers who can build their website from scratch.

No matter which option you choose when trying to find the best website design company or team who can help you create and maintain your website, the most important thing is that you communicate your company’s needs, vision, and mission when speaking to your prospective designers. This will make it easier for your designer to create the ideal graphics and for your content writers to know what writing voice they may have to use in order to properly and accurately represent your company’s values through text.



What Is Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

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Are you dreaming of one day expanding your business to the Middle East? Then you should start doing some reading and researching about Dubai. As a central business city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has long been welcoming foreign investors and entrepreneurs to its shores. The city is actually made up of many foreign companies coming from the US and Europe and it has a strong economic relationship with many Asian countries like Japan and China.


So what’s the best way to get your company into the shores of Dubai? Check out offshore company formation in Dubai!

What Is an Offshore Company?

Foreign investors who would like to set up their company in Dubai can opt to register as an offshore company. This means that you can establish your company office in one of the free trade zones in the city. The advantage of setting up shop in a free trade zone is that you can actually own your company entirely by yourself and easily enjoy the same tax and financial incentives given to local companies that have offices in the mainland area of Dubai.

There is a bit of a downside though if you choose to become an offshore company in a free trade zone. You can only conduct your business operations outside Dubai and within the free zone area. You cannot have business transactions within the city unless you get a local distributor for your products. For example, a good type of business that would be suitable for an offshore operation would be companies that engage in export and import trade. That’s because they do not need to sell directly to local customers in Dubai. Their target market is outside of the city and therefore they can operate in a free trade zone without worrying about not getting their products to the local residents.


 How Long Does It Take to Establish an Offshore Company?

The good thing about Dubai is that the processes involving business start up or company formation have all been streamlined and you can easily conduct your application through their online services in different government agencies. The length of your application will still depend on the availability of your documents, how fast you are able to complete the requirements for paperwork and fees, and if you do not encounter any questionable items in your application.

The best way to fast-track your application or company incorporation is to hire a good company formation expert before you even begin any submission or application process. Through expert company formation consultants, you can actually finish your entire company set up process in just two weeks! Some offshore companies were even able to complete their business incorporation in just five days provided of course that they really followed the advice of their consultants and were very diligent in their document submissions.

If you are thinking of expanding your company and taking advantage of Dubai’s very attractive tax exemption laws and world-class facilities and infrastructure, then start your journey to Dubai today!

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Simplified Overview of Company Formation in Dubai

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Considering growing your business internationally? Then start focusing your attention to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. As a global business center in the Middle East, Dubai offers world-class environment and offices to help business people set up their organizations in the city effectively and quickly. There are likewise extremely dynamic laws and regulations with regards to business that not only cater to local entrepreneurs but also attract foreign investors as well.

So if you are curious about how you can start your business in Dubai, here’s a simplified overview of the different steps you have to take:

  1. Get in touch with an established company formation agency in Dubai

Try not to waste time searching between various websites. When it comes to a to quick and sure way to start your company formation in Dubai, contacting a reliable company formation agency is your best shot. They could promptly help you in set up your buisness. Despite the fact that it is anything but difficult to set up an organization in Dubai, it could in any case still turn into an overwhelming task because of the many documents and fees you have to take note of during the application.

With the assistance of business setup experts, you have individuals helping you and managing your application process. Getting the help of these agents will help you lower the stress and hassles involved in the application and you can actually focus on other important things for your expansion such as taking care of your products, services, and operations.


  1. Know Your What Company Type You Want

There are basically two choices if you would like to set up a company in Dubai. You can be at a Free zone areas or in the mainland parts of Dubai city. The fundamental distinction is that being in the free zone permits you to have 100 percent ownership of your business while being in the city will require you to look for a local or UAE national before you can operate your business. You can also only own up to 49% of your company if you decide to establish it within the mainland.


  1. Determine the Business License You Need

When you start your business in Dubai, you have to choose which type of license is best suited for your operations. There are three licenses offered:

  • Commercial – for companies who need to take part in exchanging of merchandise and other goods
  • Industrial – for businesses who might do assembling, manufacturing, and processing of raw materials
  • Professional – for people who would like to offer their professional services such as artists, consultants, etc.


  1. Open a Bank Account

Whether you are in a free zone or mainland office in Dubai, you are allowed to open a bank account for your company. Different banks can have different sets of required documents but don’t worry because your reliable company formation experts can assist you in completing the bank requirements and even be there during the day of your account opening.


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Website Design in Dubai: How To Make Your Designs Stand Out

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If you are a designer and seem to have come to a dead end when it comes to your design ideas, then this feature is definitely for you. With all the many websites out there, how can you really work efficiently and still produce a great looking design for your clients? Here are some of our tips that you can follow and work on to further advance your web design in Dubai:

slide1Start with shades of gray before you add color to your design

When creating web designs, it is best to start with shades of gray. You should turn your wireframe into a grayscale as a visual guide and then add your images or photos before carefully adding the color design and elements you want. Starting with a grayscale will prevent an overdesigned website because you will avoid putting in too much color and just focus on the areas that do need the most color in the design.


Use web fonts for your corporate style guide

When using your corporate style guide, you should update it with the latest web fonts to make sure that your website has the same guides as that of any corporate documents and collaterals. A great way to start with this update is to look into Google Fonts and find a suitable web font that will be a great fit to your corporate style guide and then you can use that in your logos, text design, and other text elements on your website.


Change the position of your social media icons

Since you have worked so hard in creating user-friendly designs for your website and valuable, high-quality content for your visitors, why would you invite them to leave your website by showing them various social media icons they can click? Instead of putting social media icons on prominent locations on your website, it is better to just place them at the bottom of your website. Remember that your social media accounts should be the ones sending your visitors and customers to your website and not the other way around.


Don’t Complicate Your Design

When visitors see your homepage or landing page, they would want to focus on the important things such as what products and services you offer and how can they get access to these. So it is better not to complicate your web design by putting so many unnecessary images such as doing a slideshow or carousel type of design. Now, most visitors just want to see a single or two high-quality images, minimum text, and have very useful navigation buttons that would immediately lead them to the information they need. If you put in a lot of different navigation bars, subpages, long texts, and a lot of photos that will only prolong the search of your visitors, instead of staying and continuing to surf your website, they will probably get frustrated and annoyed and decide to leave your site to explore a competitor’s site. Remember to just keep it simple and have a clean and professional looking design.


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